Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mobile Reporting – quickest delivery of report

Exchange of information to a purposeful objective from one point to another in a structured detail through mobile technology is mobile reporting. Mobile report can be in any field of business, like marketing, operation, sales, production, media, administration, medical etc. Mobile report may have text data, web forms, photographs, videos, voices to communicate information to the intended audiences. Multimedia reporting gave a new dimensions to the report that we were ever known. Text, voices, videos and photos combined makes an multimedia report so effective that it can be complied, edited and sent through mobile on over 3G/GPRS/WiFi even SMS/UTMS channel from a remote location in a quickest mode. Mobile reporting is useful for business person to report statistics to management, field representative to send daily work report, remote distributors to send stock detail to supplier, media person to cover a media report and sent it to the broadcaster etc.

Many web services are available to share information from mobile device to the receiving system. This enable secure and safe transporting of mobile report from a remote location and preserve it from any damage until it reaches to final receiver. Mobile reporting is not only quickest and effective but it is easiest, convenient and lesser costly than the other reporting methods.

For a business enterprise, the key challenges like – getting information to focus on key customer concerns, tracking the action of remotely located workers, instant collection and comparison of performance of different work location, employee management etc, can be easily tackle by management using mobile business intelligence (MBI) and mobile reporting. It provides an immediate view of the situation (as report can be transmit anytime 24*7) and help to respond it in minimum time by alerting concern personals.

Apart from business, in the field of media and journalism mobile reporting has made it's impact. Reporting a breaking news or a cover story from a remote location has become easier and faster due to usage of mobile based multimedia report in media reporting. A media report can easily be record, video graphed, video called, emailed and send to the broadcaster. Live reporting is also possible today due to advantages of mobile technologies from remote to remote location. Even a common citizen can record the incident in mobile and report to to concern person with proof.

Many commercial and open source software applications are available to provide services of BI and reporting on your smartphone. Tools are available to present structured information on web and in the form of required data visualization. Even a live video can be send and receive using a mobile to visualize live reporting. Smart phones provide a package of different technologies in it's simplest form in your pocket that makes you advantageous at different levels.

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