Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why You Should Consider Mobility

Mobility—it means a lot of things these days.  Getting information immediately on a smart device.  Having your system travel with you, unbounded by physical walls of the plant.  Or, “untethering” your application from its PC-bound form.
Over the past few years, we’ve seen a growing number of mobile applications being offered.  If you look on the iStores, there are hundreds of SCADA, HMI, and EMI/BI offerings, from both large vendors (such as Invensys) as well as smaller, point-solutions folks who develop applications strictly for the mobile phone or device.  The great part though is that you now have choices. 

You can go with your preferred automation vendor (like Invensys) and explore offerings that bring you reporting, analysis and visualization on iPads, iPhones, tablets and other smart devices.

Here are just a few of our mobile offerings:

·         Smart Glance:

SmartGlance connects your mobile phone with any corporate or production system data source. Virtually any electronic data that is delivered to your desktop can be transformed into a graphical report for real time viewing on your mobile smart phone or device.  SmartGlance allows you to visualize data from a historian, MES, HMI, or other real-time automation application:

o   View real-time or historical data reports

o   View KPIs, track changes, take action

o   Arrange, sort and filter reports based on your priority

·         Wonderware Intelligence:

Wonderware Intelligence is an #EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) application that allows you to create Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) from real-time manufacturing and process data that reflect your critical measurements and goals for profitability, yields, energy management, and other operational metrics.  You can compare & contrast data to understand relationships (like cause & effect) between yields and energy usage; quality over shifts; or output vs plant.

Recent improvements to Intelligence include support for iPad, allowing you to view and drill down into KPI’s in a mobile, rich format.

·         Wonderware IntelaTrac:

IntelaTrac is a #mobile workforce management and decision support system.  It allows you to execute rounds or other maintenance or tasks, capture results, and maintain consistency and productivity in operations.  IntelaTrac consists of software and hardware, providing the mobile infrastructure for remote data collection, event tracking, procedure execution and validation.

·         ArchestrA Workflow  

ArchestrA Workflow is sophisticated #Business Process Management software, designed for the industrial environment, that allows you to model, execute, and manage workflows—work tasks which include people, equipment, and systems.  ArchestrA Workflow can be used in any industry to manage the way people and equipment respond to events, to ensure consistency, standardization, and compliance.  A new feature of ArchestrA Workflow is a mobile client (downloadable off of the iStore) that allows mobile workers to view and execute their queue of specific work tasks from an iPhone or iPad.

·         EYESIM

SimSci-Esscor’s EYESIM takes mobility to a whole new level.  It is #3-D Virtual Reality for the plant.  EYESIM is used for training, plant/process simulation, and knowledge management, by bringing gaming technology into a learning environment for a richer, more comprehensive experience.

EYESIM links control room operators to field operators and maintenance operators by means of a high-fidelity process simulation and virtual walkthrough plant environment.  EYESIM now offers a mobile supervisory station, available on the iPad and iPhone, connected to its virtual reality engine, to track all users, provide remote functions, and maintain interactivity using the iPhone.

So you can see, mobility is not just for your personal life now—you can take visibility, monitoring & reporting to a completely new level.

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